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Personal stories and anecdotes are a powerful tool to promote equality for Asian Americans. They help provide a human perspective and context for the challenges and issues faced by the Asian American community. By sharing your story, you can help inspire others and create a deeper understanding among those who don’t have firsthand experience with these issues. Personal stories also serve as an effective way to highlight the diversity within the Asian American community and help to discredit stereotypes and misconceptions. 

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Use your platform to help amplify Asian American organizations, challenges, and stories. Sharing personal stories and perspectives can be a powerful way to raise awareness and promote change.



Educate yourself and others about issues faced by the Asian American Community. This knowledge can be used to inform your own actions and to educate others, helping to inspire change in the community.



Help address issues faced by the Asian American community. This could involve volunteering time, donating money, or simply speaking out against prejudice when encountered.


In honor of AAPI month we are giving away $100 to 5 random members of the community who submit a story!

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