Julie Yeeun Kim – Hanbok and Home

May 3rd was the day my family immigrated to the US, now twenty-four years ago. It’s also the day the last little flame of the riots of 92 went out, now twenty-eight years ago. Time is weird, isn’t it? The more you have the less you do with it, it seems. Words are a paradox. The more you say the less they mean.

Max Tengan

Asian Americans have faced significant cultural and societal barriers in the game of basketball. There have been successful AAPI big names in the NBA like Jeremy Lin, Yao Ming, and Yuta Watanabe, but we still lack representation on a large scale. Max Tengan is a 5’11 Point Guard form Saugus High School in Santa Clarita, …

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I just watched “38 at the Garden,” the Jeremy Lin documentary twice! It surprisingly had quite an impact on me. The documentary was entertaining and on point for many issues Asian Americans face. I reflected on how I felt during that Linsanity period 10 years ago, and now better understand why it was so meaningful.  …

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