About Us

Who We Are

Our Story

AAVU was started by two Asian American college students in an effort to help unite the AAPI community.

In 2020, we were inspired by the AAPI community’s reaction to the horrific events that made headlines during COVID. After witnessing silence for so long, we were proud of our community’s response.

Sadly, In the months that followed, the world quickly forgot about these events, and the discrimination faced by Asian Americans faded once again into the background. The issues our community faces may have left the spotlight, but they have not left our neighborhoods. A report earlier this year by Stop AAPI Hate detailed the nearly 11,500 hate incidents that targeted Asian Americans from 2020 to 2022.

We created AAVU as a means of uniting Asian voices. We hope to share the many untold stories and perspectives of Asian Americans so that we may inspire change in the community.


Our Vision

To unite and empower Asian Americans to advocate for their rights and fair treatment, and to educate and engage the broader community on issues of AAPI social-justice and equality.

What We Do

We produce weekly publications to better educate the public on issues within the AAPI community. These can include:

Our Mission