AAJC: Stand Against Hatred

While we’ve already written about our friends at AAJC, we’d like to take a moment to highlight one of their incredible initiatives.

Stand Against Hatred works to document first-person accounts of discrimination and prejudice in the Asian American Community. The site helps AAJC track hate, and gives a platform to those who wish to share their perspectives anonymously. While it is not their most popular program, Stand Against Hatred is an incredible initiative that continues to be updated regularly with touching and inspiring stories.

The site’s self-reported form makes it incredibly easy to share experiences with discrimination, and they have also consolidated resources to help educate the public and combat hatred. As always, AAVU believes wholeheartedly in sharing personal stories. We believe it helps facilitate pride, togetherness, and connection within our communities, and we are so happy that AAJC feels the same way.

View the incredible stories and share your own by visiting their page!

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