Asian American Community Rallies Against Senate Bill 147

Over the weekend, in Houston, groups of Asian American community members held a rally to protest Senate Bill 147. The bill plans to limit the acquisition of property by foreign citizens. Many Asian Americans living in Texas worry that it will limit their future ability to purchase real estate.

An outspoken proponent of the bill, Governor Greg Abbott, says the goal of the bill is to “stop countries that are hostile to the interest of the United States.” Last month, he confirmed that he would sign the bill if it were to reach his desk.

Texas House Representative Gene Wu, along with other elected officials and members of the Texas AAPI community, marched down Bellaire Boulevard last week in protest. “It is discrimination against China and the Asian people. It is not fair,” said one of the protesters.

This bill, proposed in a state with nearly 1.5 million Asian Americans, is seen as an unnecessary and damaging attack on the AAPI community. The bill potentially sets the tone for further discrimination against Asian Americans at the federal and state level.

At the rally, not only were there chants of “stop Asian hate” and “stop discrimination,” but protestors, having lived in Texas all their lives, chanted hopeful messages, “We love Texas! Texas is our home!”

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