Max Tengan

Asian Americans have faced significant cultural and societal barriers in the game of basketball. There have been successful AAPI big names in the NBA like Jeremy Lin, Yao Ming, and Yuta Watanabe, but we still lack representation on a large scale.

Max Tengan is a 5’11 Point Guard form Saugus High School in Santa Clarita, California. As an Asian American basketball player, he represents and inspires our community in a sport that lacks AAPI representation. He and his team recently faced off against Sierra Canyon led by Bronny James where Max was the point leader for his team dropping 16 points. Even though he was the smallest guy on the court, Max surely didn’t let that stop him from balling out. With a tight handle and a great feel for the game, Max was shooting over defenders pushing 7 feet tall. After the game, Lebron James Jr and Max shared a moment of respect which was well deserved after Max’s masterful performance.

Max has expressed that he wants to be an inspiration for the youth of our community and is proud to be an Asian American in the basketball world.

“Regardless of height I can play with all the big name players, there’s not much Asian Americans who make it, put on for the youth and inspire others.”

“I’m proud to represent the culture and break the stereotypes of Asians in basketball today.”

Overall, the presence of Asian Americans in basketball is increasing, and we are making an impact at the highest levels of the sport. Max’s story is inspiring as a representative of our community and it is important to continue to support and provide opportunities for Asian American players to reach their full potential.

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