Denver Man Arrested for Hate Crime After Anti-Asian Rant

SAN RAMON — A Colorado man was recently arrested for a hate crime in California against two Asian American friends.

The friends had been seated, recording a now viral TikTok video at In-N-Out, when Jordan Krah, 40, approached them with racists and homophobic comments.

The video, which now has over 4 million views, captures Krah saying, among other insults, “You’re Kim Jon-un’s boyfriend, huh?” and telling the two that he would spit in their face.

After leaving, Krah reportedly waited outside for about ten minutes, looking at them through the window. Arine Kim, the victim, and her friend, were forced to wait in the restaurant until closing and asked an employee to see them to their car.

Kim, in an interview after the incident, remarked,

“This has been a sobering moment not only for myself but for other people around the US… This is a real problem that’s affecting people of color all over.”

-Kim, reflecting on the incident
The Viral Incident and Commentary by Kim — ABC7 News

The next day, Krah allegedly targeted other Asian Americans, yelling at them from his car on Christmas morning in Danville, California. He was arrested by the San Ramon Police Department and faces charges related to hate crimes and assault.

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